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A message from Mr. Martinez

Hello Wildcat Band!


Hope all is well. We are excited about our 2021 marching band season and cannot wait to get started! Below is our 2021 summer band letter and marching band calendar. Please read through it and note the dates. For us to maximize our time together, we need you all to be present. We are going to have a two day summer band camp after graduation to kick off our 2021 marching band season. The staff cannot wait to have everyone together and make music! Our 2021 program is entitled "The Butterfly Effect". If you have not seen the program trailer, please click on the Home button above to view it.


This is a state year for us and it is critical that everyone shows up for summer band. In order for us to have success, we need you to be present. Please work out any vacations with the dates listed. If you have a job, please communicate now with your boss or manager what days you will need to be present at summer band.


We cannot wait to see you. We miss each and every one of you. Talking, laughing, and enjoying each other's company is how we create bonds together that will last. Band is life to us and you are what drives us each day to give our best.

Please let us know if you need anything.


You can reach me by email me at armando.martinez@elginisd.net if you have any questions.


Thank you, take care, and GO WILDCAT BAND!!!!!


Mr. Martinez

2021 HS Summer Band Letter

2021 Marching Band Calendar