A winning team comes from a commitment of time, energy and desire. No booster club could manage so much behind the scene or in view of our children to accomplish this labor of love every day.  You're a role model for many and a symbol of devotion to your own child.  Thanks to all the work you do as a booster. 

Thanks to all the middle and high schoolers who helped at the Elgin Christmas Tree Farm.  You showed the best of Elgin students.  The money you helped raised will go towards scholarships for both schools.

Check out this video of the Band's performance on Friday. 

The lines look great!

The Elgin Band Boosters

Last Friday night's band performance was memorable. The Band Boosters enjoyed recognizing the latest scholarship recipients, sponsoring a silent auction, and offering a meal to all. Big thanks to the band directors for their hard work throughout the year. Also, thanks to all the Boosters who came together to contribute their time and hands to make this evening a success. Finally, the students deserve praise for their love of music through their performance

Below are our 2018-2019 Band Booster Goals and Constitution and Bylaws.

Band Booster Goals

Constitution and By-Laws

Elgin Band Booster Executive Board

Vice President for Concessions is Open.

Please consider taking this very important position.

Randy Castillo

Band Booster President

Jennifer Bigley

Band Booster Vice President

Deborah Blackmore

Band Booster Fund Raising and Sponsorship Coordinator

Kim Densmore

Band Booster Treasurer

Loretta Dolman

Band Booster Secretary

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