Elgin Wildcat Band Boosters

Elgin Band Boosters is a nonprofit specifically working to support our Wildcat musicians at all levels.  We focus our efforts on volunteer support of the bands,  fundraising activities and issuing scholarships. 

Many thanks to the Executive Board and all those volunteering to make 2021 an amazing year for our Wildcats!


Julie Joesel

Band Booster President


Becky Vragel

Band Booster Vice President


Kristi Cooper

Band Booster Treasurer


April Wallace

Band Booster Secretary

Blowing Confetti

Volunteer Opportunity

Band Booster Fundraising and 

Scholarship Chair

- please contact a board member 

Crowd in the Stadium

Great Volunteer Opportunity

Vice President of Consessions

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Elgin Wildcat Band Booster Executive Board

The Elgin Band Boosters

Last Friday night's band performance was memorable. The Band Boosters enjoyed recognizing the latest scholarship recipients, sponsoring a silent auction, and offering a meal to all. Big thanks to the band directors for their hard work throughout the year. Also, thanks to all the Boosters who came together to contribute their time and hands to make this evening a success. Finally, the students deserve praise for their love of music through their performance

Below are our 2020-2021 Band Booster Goals and Constitution and Bylaws.

Band Booster Goals

Constitution and By-Laws