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Welcome to the Elgin I.S.D. Wildcat Band website

To find more information about each band program in Elgin I.S.D.,
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Highlights from our high school band program

Congratulations to the following band members for making a first division on their solo.

"Continuum" Percussion Ensemble-TSSEC Bound
Kenneth Joesel
Michael McCrary
Dagan Smith

Garrison Vragel

"Just for Show" Saxophone Quartet-TSSEC Bound
Uriel Amador
Oscar Patino
Valentin Segura
John Ukanda

Division 1 Solos
Isabel Guerra
Monserrat Espinoza
Elijah Malek
Aubie Kanzler


The 2022 Elgin Wildcat Band Boosters Scholarship winners are:


Joshua Cooper

Jude Gomez

Klayton Joesel

Congratulations on your wonderful achievement!

EHS 2022 Program Trailer - click on audio bottom right to listen.


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